Service DESIGN

Services are redefining the world as we know it. People are more interested in experiences than products. As a designer I see an opportunity of building new solutions, that are connected to users' needs.


The challenge: Sebrae-RS selected 10 micro enterprises to experience a design innovation process and developed a new service each.

The job: The process started with a 4 day sprint, where all companies worked at the same time for their projects. At the end, they had their first prototype.

My role: To co-create this experience with the Unisinos University Design School's faculty, including the methodology, the tools (not graphic) and it's application. I also had a 20 minutes lecture about Service Design Social Innovation Cases, to inspire the companies' team. 

Duration: 1 month

Unisinos Faculty: Profa. Dr.a Karine Freire, Prof. Dr. Carlos Franzato, Prof. Dr. Gustavo Borba;