Talking_City's goal is to empower citizens to build more sustainable and human cities using design approacH By creating a more user friendly participatory process. 




We apply Talking_city's methodology to help companies, organizations and universities to encourage innovation and design culture, developing solutions with citizens and/or creating a smart cities brand platform.

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Strategic content

We are curious about new relationships and interactions between cities and their citizens. We share our learning in our social networks and in lectures. We also develop trend reports about city innovation / smart cities / smart citizens.

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An exclusive Talking_city courses build for designers, architects, entrepreneurs and curious makers to apply the design approach to build solutions to urban problems. We develop courses for schools and universities, incompany and online courses.


CARLA LINK - Fundadora & Service Designer

INNOVATION STRATEGIST with well-documented capacity to identify, through comprehensive research (quantitative / qualitative), emerging needs and strategies that impact government, business, social and environmental change.  Collaborative and creative leader, innovative designer who is recognized for keen business insight and for ability to exceed expectations in strategic planning, cohesive brand integration, and service design.  Background of leading design and innovative thought processes as an integral component for every project.  Experienced working with wide variety of clients that provide products and services that address consumer and business needs (prototyping, drafting blueprints, personas and roadmaps).