The world needs a human centered approach to solve its complex problems. Here is some of the projects I have developed using the design driven innovation methodology.   


The challenge: How to reduce child labor in Brazil? That was the challenge brought by Telefonica Vivo Foundation to Livework in Brazil to develop an innovative project in the semiarid region – in 9 different cities in 5 states.

My role: I was responsible for creating and implementing a human-centered process in the Semiarid Region in Brazil, mostly with low-income families and youth.

The job:  The project started with a research stage, to understand how child labor was impacting each city. We discovered that the real problem was the lack of social, cultural and career opportunities to youth to live and grow locally. We analyze all the information by creating each city's ecosystem that leads the youth to early work.The second stage involved 21 local co-creations workshops to build solutions for each city. At the end, 37 ideas were developed and 10 projects selected to the implementation stage.

Duration: 7 months

Livework Team: Gustavo Bittencourt - Livework's Partner; Renato Endo - Service Designer; Lucas de Toledo - Service Designer Assistant; Pedro Torreão – Researcher; Gustavo Vieira - Workshop Facilitator; José Prado - Workshop Facilitator

Fundação Telefônica Vivo Team: Patricia Santin - Manager; Eliane Schutt; Fernanda Jaber - Project Coordinator; Nayara Romero; Tiago Gomes; Camila Aragon