Civic innovation

Design, when everybody designs. Ezio Manzini's book and his point of view are a reference to me. How can I be a facilitator for more creative cities, where anyone can be a designer of this new future? Here are some examples of projects I'm involved.


The challenge: In my Strategic Design Master's project, I studied how an independent citizen group is creating cultural and environmental solutions for the Pompeia neighborhood in São Paulo. The group has an active and propositive attitude, using the city's surroundings to experiment new solutions and forms of utilizing public space, with the help of other citizens, groups, government and organizations.

My role: I developed a design workshop with Ocupe & Abrace Collective to co-create ideas to amplify their work and engage more citizens to participate. To have a bigger impact they needed more people to know and help with the cause. The workshop helped the group to think "How can we engage more citizens to participate in the city's improvement, using our collective and square?" 50 ideas were co-created with the group and 2 were prototyped in the square and neighborhood. The study helped me understand how Brazilians (specifically São Paulo's citizens) relate to the city – and what encourages and discourages a more collaborative and active attitude in the urban space.

Duration: 1 year


The challenge: Webcitizen is an online consulting that creates digital platforms for civic empowerment. Their main project is called “Votenaweb”(Vote on web)  a platform that offers a dialog between citizen and Federal politicians. The citizens can vote on real projects, post comments and get to know the parliamentarians. The platform was launched in 2009 and has 100K users and more than 2,9 million votes.

My role: Apply human-centered approach to build new solutions and prototy a sustainable business model for the platform. You can watch my speech at Brazil Social Good Summit 2012.

The job: Votenaweb was a initiative pro bono and was migrating to a social business. I use facebook “fanpage”reference to create a new form of interaction at the platform. We started prototyping with non-profit organizations, that could choose their bill projects of interest and concentrate in an institutional page. Oncoguia, a non-profit organization that advocates in behave of patients with cancer was our first partner.

I also conducted a survey with users to understand their perceptions about the platform. The results inspire us to build Votenaweb's personas, based on different users needs, and design new solutions and experiences.

Duration: 7 months



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